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salvatore gramaglia
gramaglia family

In 1963 two young brothers Salvatore and Giuseppe Gramaglia emigrated from Italy to the United States of America along with their parents Antonio and Graziella. Their goal like many Italians before and after was to the live the American Dream. Antonio, a Clothier by trade and Graziella, a house wife, raised their two boys to be hard working, caring and respectful individuals. Armed with the lessons learned from their parent’s trials and tribulations; Giuseppe and Salvatore began their voyage into the world of Italian delicacies.

Still young and inexperienced; Giuseppe and Salvatore at the tender young ages of 17 and 12 began working at the famous A&S Italian Pork Store in Brooklyn NY.


The two young boys started as delivery boys on pedal bikes working hard every day to help their family live the dream. Over time they would take on more responsibilities and be two of the most valued employees at the store. In 1971 Giuseppe and Salvatore made a decision to start a business of their own that would serve the people of New Jersey with the same quality foods and recipes that they had worked with in New York. They opened their first A&G Foods retail store in Sayreville, NJ and began their quest to be the finest purveyor of Italian foods and delicacies in the area. Their journey began as small dream but their unrivaled quality foods and family friendly atmosphere has helped them grow their business into one of New Jersey’s best kept secrets. After opening their first store to great success Giuseppe and Salvatore met the demands of their customers by expanding throughout New Jersey



The dream continued and Salvatore expanded into servicing food establishments on the wholesale side.  What started out as a small sausage house in the back of one of his retail stores ultimately expanded to a 15,000 sqft USDA meat plant and warehouse. 

Today over 45 years after the opening of a small store in Sayreville, NJ the company has grown and so has the family. Salvatore and his brother Giuseppe still provide their personal services to customers at each store. They are aided by Salvatore’s four sons Anthony, Giancarlo, Marco and Joseph to ensure that a member of the Gramaglia family personally oversees each and every store. Together they provide a kind of service and quality that has made them known as one of the finest Italian Specialty stores and caterers in New Jersey. Their motto is “Delicious meals begin with the best ingredients” and the Gramaglia family would not want you to have it any other way.

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